Material is beautiful and so is

Material Blurb for Divi

Create beautiful material design cards with the powerful and highly customizable Material Blurb for Divi Module.

Material Design has never been easier!

With Material Blurb for Divi you can create stunning card layouts. There are endless possibilities to customize the module. Here are some examples.





Material Design Elevation!

Material Blurb for Divi offers 5 default elevation levels. You can set the elevation level for normal and hover state separately.

Left nothing to be desired!

Material Blurb for Divi has switches, sliders, pickers and fields to customize the look and feel in any way you want. If you are missing a setting, just tell us and we will add it for you in the next update!



Completely Customizable!

Material Blurb for Divi can be customized in any thinkable way. Use only text, only images or combine them as you desire. Use icons instead of images or animate the module when hovering. Of course you can use a different icon on hover and animations are combinable with elevations.

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Rich Text

The latest version of Material Blurb for Divi also supports rich text. This gives you even more freedom in the way you can use this awesome module.

See what you can do with Material Blurb for Divi

Here are some more original styling ideas on how to show off Material Blurb for Divi. They can be easily achieved using the custom CSS fields of the module. No hacking of your themes CSS required!

Buttons moved to the top

Equalized heights

Utilize the Buttons


Here you find the answers to the most common questions and problems.

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